Web Presence Management

By Will Laurance, June 29, 2015

Managing your web presence is not a simple task. In fact, it is a series of continuous tasks you must accomplish during the lifetime of your business, product, or service. Effectively managing your web presence is essential to your business's success.

What is your web presence? A web presence is a collection of information that represents your brand and business. Years ago, web presence referred to only web site consisting of a homepage and a hierarchy of HTML pages. Now, your web presence includes your website, social media profiles, Android, iOS, and mobile applications. Technology is everywhere and it is your job to control the message, content, and experience for your audience.

Here are 5 key points to managing your web presence in today's fast pace technology environment.

1. Understand Your Web Presence is not a One Time Purchase

Having a website, web application, or mobile application is not something you set and forget. You'll have maintain these products in order to keep your web presence up to date, up to speed, and modern. You'll need to budget and plan for the long term.

2. Know Your Business's Audience Inside and Out 100% of the Time

Knowing your audience allows you to make informed choices about your content, design, positioning, and brand throughout your web presence. It is important to collect metrics, capture analytics, and evaluate your numbers in real time.

3. Have a Secure, Reliable, and Scalable Technology Stack Powering Your Web Presence

Building software is a difficult task because the requirements and needs it must fulfill change frequently. For this reason it is important that the stack, or various frameworks, programming languages, production environments, your web presence uses is secure, reliable, and scalable. Security is important because as you grow larger you may be the target of an attacker. Weak and insecure software makes it simple for an attacker to gain access and damage your online presence. Reliable technology and resources are ones that provide consistent up time for your web presence products. This includes keeping your website, application interfaces, or anything public on highly available systems so that the maximum amount of your audience can be reached. Scalable technology will make your web presence handle increases in traffic and load as you gain in popularity.

4. Know the Complete Picture of Your Web Presence

Knowing your web presence fully, allows you to fill in the gaps, capitalize on new technology trends, and stay ahead of your competition. I recommend using collaborative platforms to keep all of your web presence products' information in one place. Having all of this information in one place helps keep your entire team up to date. I suggest you use a tool that has a place for formal documents and another place for notes and drafting ideas.

5. Managing Your Technology and Web Presence Partner

If you do not have the in house resources to fully manage your web presence, it is very important that you work with a trusted partner. You are outsourcing an important aspect of your business. Arguably the most crucial for company's growth and future. It is necessary to work with partners who understand and respect this importance.

In 2015, you must have full control over your web presence. If you do not have the technical skills, time, or desire to manage your business's web presence, you need a trusted partner.

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